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The consumer retail industry can be a difficult one. Positioning your product to capture the attention of a busy, cost-conscious end consumer is an art. Peake Marketing has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to help you succeed in this competitive market.

We've worked with many of our manufacturers for more than 20 years. We understand their products–not only how they work, but how the end consumer uses them. We keep a sharp eye on continued market trends.

With Peake Marketing as your "sales" department, you can rely on:

Total Market Coverage
Peake Marketing has a proven distribution network through retailers, wholesale clubs, and buying groups along the West Coast. With the total market coverage we provide, our principals enjoy a significant increase in product movement.

Successful Management of Markets
As a manufacturer, your expertise is product development, quality assurance, and production. You can leave the marketing and sales to us. We offer quality product representation through:

  • Superior communication
  • Frequent contact with your sales department to ensure we're helping you achieve your marketing objectives
  • Expansion of our distributor network into Southern California
  • Expertise for all the products we represent

Excellent Customer Service
Making the sale is only part of our job. We provide complete sales and marketing services, including order entry, charting, co-op advertising, and merchandising. Our services include:

  • Regular sales, product knowledge, and informational meetings with retailers and manufacturers.
  • In-depth product support. We work closely with manufacturers' support departments and trainers to keep our customers and merchandisers at the corporate and store levels up-to-date on product and technology changes.
  • EDI-compatible order entry system to simplify the ordering process.
  • Sales promotions through every phase–including promotions from initial concept to fill implementation.

For more information on Peake Marketing's services, contact us today!